The Numerous Benefits of a Dual Flush Toilet

Published: 23rd September 2011
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Why do people prefer dual flush toilets over conventional and low flow toilets? Well here, are a few advantages to owning a dual flush toilet. The dual-flush technology has been designed with advanced options for flushing: one for solid waste and one for liquid waste. Dual flush toilets handle liquid and solid wastes differently from standard American style toilets, giving the user a choice of flushes.

A recent released study shows that individuals can make a big difference in reducing the amount of water they use indoors by using dual flush technology. Dual flush technology has become increasingly popular in areas such as Asia, Europe, and Australia and is currently gaining momentum in the Unites States.

Save hundreds of dollars a year on your water bill

There are many different water-saving products such as flushing toilets that you could use to cut back your water-bill and water-saving problems. Dual flushing toilets can save the average American household approximately 4,000 gallons of water per year.

Require less Maintenance

Dual flushing systems require less maintenance than the standard American style toilet system as well. This is because dual flush toilets.Are less likely to cause clogging.

Stylish and efficient design

The most inefficient appliance in the home is the one that uses most of the water. Most toilets waste water four out of five flushes because they empty the entire tank with every flush. However, dual flush toilets uses much less water for a short flush and a long flush - and waste goes out more easily.

Saving money

Having a dual flush toilet not only helps you go green, but allows you to save money on your utility bill. Dual flush toilet allows you to save almost 70% of the water that is typically required for a standard toilet, and replacing an older toilet would generate much more savings.

No need to purchase new toilets

The solution to water saving problem does not mean buying and installing expensive new toilets. One of the best devices that you can purchase is a dual flush converter. It is an interactive toilet design that quickly and easily converts standard toilets into a water-saving dual flush toilet.

With the mounting cost of water and increasing awareness for preserving our environment, it is easy to say why the dual-flush toilet is becoming so popular in our world today. With all the benefits of dual-flush toilets, there is absolutely no reason to feel good about this product on a socially conscious level and still be confident it will perform to the highest standards.

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